Online Document Review

Online Document Review

To run a successful calibration or testing business, every laboratory requires as a minimum several documents or procedures. To support such laboratories CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC have developed laboratory management database including complete quality management system that meets ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 current standards. These documents are simple and very easy to understand and have been through many accreditation audits nationally and internationally with few observations to improve the process.

ISO/IEC 17025 QMS Documentation
ISO/IEC 17025 requires documentation for all processes, development, amendments and changes are to be controlled and managed risks or discrepancies to help mitigate problems, overall providing stability and validity of results for the laboratory. When ISO/IEC 17025 documentation is followed and implemented, lab personnel and support staff become more accountable for their actions.

Our QMS package includes
Quality manual
Quality procedures
Quality forms
Flow charts
Intermediate check template
Proficiency testing plan
Review of CMC
Scope of Accreditation
Uncertainty templates
Risk analysis
Much more…

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation
CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC has developed a complete quality management system to meet ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements. However, ISO 9001 standard does not specify to have a procedure for every clause. As long as your company can provide the evidence and process how you’re approaching to fulfill the requirements and results are consistent. In this case, you would need a maximum of three (3) documented procedures.

On the other hand, documented procedures will help you to sustain the process and help you to detect the variations within your processes.

ISO 9001 QMS package includes:

Quality manual
Quality procedures
Flow charts
Quality forms
Quality checklist

Intermediate Checks
ISO/IEC 17025:2017

6.4.10: When intermediate checks are necessary to maintain confidence in the performance of the equipment, these checks shall be carried out according to a procedure.

7.7.1: The laboratory shall have a procedure for monitoring the validity of results. The resulting data shall be recorded in such a way that trends are detectable ….. statistical techniques shall be applied to review the result (7.7.1 e: Intermediate checks on measuring equipment).

CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC have developed an intermediate checklist to meet the above requirements. It consists of key test points to cover the complete range of the calibrator (lab equipment), you as a lab in-charge can decide how often you want to conduct an intermediate check on each of the instrument (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually). Most of the laboratories conduct quarterly study on their critical instruments (calibrators) such as Fluke-5700, Fluke 5522A, Fluke-5520A, Fluke-5500A, Wavetek-9100, etc.

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Online Database Access
All related QMS documents including but not limited to calibration reports, proficiency testing result, quotes, audit trail, management review meetings, records, can be reviewed online and during audits using our laboratory management database. Many new features are being added to our database as needed.

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