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Calibration Database

Calibration Database

Our calibration templates are model based and designed & developed using Microsoft Excel program, no special software needed to download them, these templates are password protected and it is considered as an intellectual property of CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC. Please refer to our polices to learn more about the Terms of Use and User Agreement.

If you’re planning to expand your laboratory capabilities (or) adding new models’ templates to your calibration database then we can become your technical team and support you with any type and model template to be developed for your business.

Calibration Template

Our team of technical and quality professionals review each calibration template for its correctness to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) published and available specifications at the time of development process. As we all know, OEM changes / updates specifications without notice, if you find any deviations in our calibration templates, please send us an email “” our team will review and investigate further for improvements.

Our aim is to provide support to calibration laboratories around the globe by developing calibration templates that can be used in daily laboratory activities.

Cannot find what you’re looking for?
No worries, please send us an email with your requirements. Our team will review your requirements and contact you with pricing. It is possible that, we maybe in the process of developing the template that you’re looking for. Please contact us for details “”.

Dollar Deals ($1.00/each)
We made it so easy and simple, many of the laboratory around the world use them to standardize the process and very cost effective ($1.00/each). Now you as a laboratory do not have to wait and rely on your technical team to search for the manual, read through it and come up with test points to be used in the calibration process, plus calculate the controls limits, program you excel to show pass/fail criteria.

To develop a standard template your lab technician or technical team needs an average of 30 minutes to an hour. In other words, an estimated cost associated with time spent will be between ($15.00 to $30.00)/hour. This does not include your quality team member’s time.

Our calibration templates have following features:

• Pass/Fail Criteria
• Color coded on failed points
• Notification on data entry error
• As Found and As Left
• Our technical team have validated these templates prior to its release.
• Meets OEM specifications

Calibration Templates w/measurement uncertainty
If you’re in need of a calibration template to support your ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation calibration business (or) to develop a master calibration template to support your scope of accreditation. We do have the capability to develop calibration templates with auto calculation of measurement uncertainties for each test point. Please contact us with your project requirements.

Calibration Template return policy
There will be NO REFUND and NO EXCHANGE once you purchase and download the file.