Hiring the right Consultant

Hiring the right Consultant

Consultants act as a coach, mentor, trainer and adviser who help and assist to lay out a strategic plan and organize the necessary resources. A consultant, encourage and motivate your employees to perform the tasks necessary to reach accreditation and registration.

Moreover, because consultants don't own the project and have less emotional commitment to the organization than do full-time company employees, they may be able to bring an unbiased and unemotional perspective to problems and evaluate a variety of potential solutions. Long distance, air tickets, accommodations shouldn't discourage you from hiring the right and knowledgeable consultant.
Consulting services are categorized in three sections;

Continuous Consultancy
This service is available for those organizations who are looking to outsource and partner with CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC to develop business strategies, business growth, overall improvement, manage multiple laboratories and setup business goals, achieve success. CLA offers continuous consulting services in the following categories;

Laboratory Management
business growth
business improvement
laboratory setup
quality management system development
quality management system implementation
metrology training (dimensional, mass, LF/DC, torque, electrical, mechanical, etc.)
quality auditor training
calibration template development
measurement uncertainty training

Collaborative Consultancy
We can co-ordinate with other subject matter experts to offer our customers one stop consulting services in all aspects of the business development process. This service can be combined with ‘Continuous Consulting” option.

Our customers do not have to spend their valuable time in researching subject matter experts to complete their projects. CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC have developed a global network of subject matter experts who can work with us and offer you the required consulting services without any hassle.

Our customer has saved time and money by utilizing our collaborative consulting services. When we become your collaborative consulting service provider, you can save on;

purchasing process
supplier approval process to add new suppliers
supplier audits
time on researching experts
project co-ordination
project status
much more…

Instant Consultancy
This service is available for those who are just looking for a second opinion and/or as needed basis on how to resolve and respond existing issues, such as;
externally issued audit reports
to understand accreditation body’s deficiencies report
completing supplier surveys
conducting third party (supplier) audit
conducting internal audits
seeking advice on laboratory capability expansion
validation of calibration templates (MS-Excel)
analysis of data reporting format and measurement traceability (SI Units)
verification of completed NCR reports
conduct a mock audit to review the GAPS in your process

How much it cost:
Every project has its own target dates and requirements to be completed. We understand every company wants to save money and get the project completed within reasonable time frame and most importantly within their budget.

We work with our customers to understand their needs and wants prior to recommend our consulting services. Contact us with your project requirements at info@callabaccess.com

Return on Investment (ROI)
Invest in employees is a continuous ROI
Preserving and creating apostles through customer focus is the highest ROI
Upgrading and updating existing laboratory standard per customer needs and wants
Expand calibration & testing capabilities as customers’ needs and wants changes