Complete Laboratory Management System (Database)

Complete Laboratory Management System (Database)

Laboratory Management System


Whether you own or manage a calibration business, first thing comes to your mind is how you can keep all customer information in one place and it should be auditable by your customers, supplier auditors & third-party auditors. Many of the small to medium size calibration businesses are run and operated by family members. To run a successful business and sustain the employees within community is the top priority.

Investment Management: Every calibration business owner or shareholder have in their mind, how they can stay in competition, invest in latest standards (equipment), train existing employees, upgrade infrastructure, purchase new vehicles and of course invest in customer management database. Some of them invest from their own savings and some invest from the business profit to develop a custom database, some invest in BIG software development companies, some buy readily available in the market.

Regardless how you spend your money, it is an investment. Majority of the small and medium size laboratories unable to afford it and hence sell their business to their competition.

Our team members have worked with small to medium size laboratories and understand their struggle to manage customers and their equipment (assets).

CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC is in business to assist small to medium size calibration and testing laboratories to manage their and their customer’s asset through an online laboratory management system database that complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, etc., and other applicable federal regulations.

What if I need to add a feature?
No problem, our team is working to make upgrades and add custom features to fulfill customer requirements. If you do not see any feature that will benefit you to manage your laboratory process, then please send us an email we will work with you to add it to our database (prices vary for each database module).

Some of the benefits and features of Laboratory Management System Database:


Quality Management System Documents:
CLA have developed a complete 17025 QMS to support laboratories including, procedures, applicable forms, checklists, proficiency testing plans, intermediate check process, internal audits, management review and much more, these documents have been through many audits by various auditing firms. QMS process simplified by its sections, you’ll find easily all related documents in their respective clauses.
Example of 17025 QMS structure

Asset Tracking & Management (ATM)
Asset tracking & management process simplified. You can add, manage, track, request for quote, quote review and approval process, of your assets and all your customer assets. Review calibration result, review history of each asset much more..

Are you struggling to keep track of your equipment’s preventive maintenance schedule?
Are you looking to have all the information (calibration schedule, PM schedule, supplier info., etc.) in one place?
Do your customers are asking you to manage and maintain their equipment’s preventive maintenance schedule along with calibration cycle?

Customer Asset Management (CAM)
Your customer can see calibration overdue list, request quotes, review and approval process, quote history, scheduling on-site, track lab calibration, manage employees, all this can be done in real time.

Proficiency Testing Program (PTP)
As we all know, every single calibration lab has to participate in proficiency testing program to maintain their accreditation and fulfil the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and other national / international standards. We conduct and evaluate the results of participating laboratories in each discipline. This service is available to our registered members only.

We are offering all these features including complete QMS system either on ISO/IEC 17025 (or) ISO 9001 at a minimal monthly fee to maintain and manage database services.

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