Benefits: Easy access to all your calibration records, track status, manage, share & much more

Tachometer Types:

Non-contact, Laser, Stroboscope

Calibration Cost: $50.00

Calibration – Guaranteed Lowest Price (C-GLP): CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC guarantees the lowest price for calibration services in USA. This applies ONLY to the items that are sent in for LAB calibration services and are in working condition (does not require repair), other terms and conditions apply.

RUSH Calibration:

Available at additional cost (please inform us prior to sending the units)

Calibration Methods:

We use OEM recommendation and laboratory developed calibration procedures to calibrate these units. ALL calibration data templates meet the requirements of SI Units.

Calibration Standards:

We always use traceable and/or accredited Laboratory Standards and Calibrators along with tachometer test setup to calibrate customer units.

Turnaround-time (TAT):

Within (3) three business days from the date of receipt of your equipment at our labs and in an assumption that ALL shipped units are in working condition and does not require any repair service prior to calibration activity.

Calibration Certificate:

Every unit received for calibration will be shipped along with its calibration certificate and with a unique identification number (regardless of final result, whether unit pass or fail). Calibration Certificate will show the final result of the unit.


Our Laboratory Standards are always traceable to SI Units through National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), such as NIST USA, NRC Canada, etc.

Quality Compliance:

ALL our documentation is in compliant with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS 9100, ANSI/NCSLI Z-540-1 & GMP requirements.

Calibration Data (As Found):

We always provide as found calibration data for ALL units received in for calibration services.

Calibration Data (As Found & As Left):

If as found data shows unit is out of tolerance/specifications, our team will contact you to discuss several options on repairs (or) adjustments. Once approved we will attempt to repair and/or adjust the unit.

If and only if repairs/adjustments are successful, then as left data will be collected and submitted as part of the certification.

If repair/adjustments attempts are UNSCUCCESSFUL, then as left report will provide brief explanation about failure.


If you believe that your instrument is not working properly, our technical team can evaluate the unit and advise you for the next step. Usually, these units are NOT ECONOMICAL TO REPAIR we recommend our customers to buy new unit. Our customer support team can assist you in purchasing a new unit (like-for-like) and calibrate it for you.

Parts replacements:

Batteries, fuses, battery connectors, and other replacement parts are not included in calibration cost. A separate line item will be added in the invoice as and when any of these components/parts replaced.

Shipping & Handling:

For quick turnaround time and fast delivery, we recommend you to send a prepaid packing label. Handling fee applies for each order.

Terms & Conditions:

ALL Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply and subject to change without notice. Please refer to our calibration estimate for details on terms and conditions.

Other details:

*Note: Customer must ship units with all required accessories including  power adaptor, case, etc. Instrument images are shown for information purposes only.

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