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Intermediate Checks


Intermediate Checklist Template



3458A-Keysight: Intermediate Checklist

ISO/IEC 17025:2017

6.4.10: When intermediate checks are necessary to maintain confidence in the performance of the equipment, these checks shall be carried out according to a procedure.

7.7.1: The laboratory shall have a procedure for monitoring the validity of results. The resulting data shall be recorded in such a way that trends are detectable ….. statistical techniques shall be applied to review the result (7.7.1 e: Intermediate checks on measuring equipment).

CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC have developed an intermediate checklist to meet the above requirements. It consists of key test points to cover the complete range of the calibrator (lab equipment), you as a lab in-charge can decide how often you want to conduct an intermediate check on each of the instrument (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually). Most of the laboratories conduct quarterly study on their critical instruments (calibrators) such as Fluke-5700, Fluke 5522A, Fluke-5520A, Fluke-5500A, Wavetek-9100, etc.

This checklist consists of 39 verification test data points using multifunction calibration (example: Fluke-5700-series, Fluke-5522A, etc.) with control charts on each point detecting the trends over time, also comes with 80 % guard band limit control charts to provide you an advance notification on the multimeter, so that you may take an appropriate action (or) reduce the calibration cycle. On the other hand, these charts will also help you to decide on extending the calibration cycle of the multimeter.

We also, have intermediate checklist(s) on other calibrators….

Disclaimer: CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC and its associates are not responsible for any file corrupted, unable to open, malfunction. These intermediate check templates are designed based on original equipment manufacturer specifications and we (CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC) do not define any specifications. If you find an error in tolerance calculations please do not use this template. Send us your method on calculations, our team will review and make a correction (if required). We appreciate your co-operation and understanding.

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