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80BK-A-ºF, Fluke

Calibration Template



Looking for calibration templates?

CAL LAB ACCESS, LLC started developing calibration templates based on manufacture and model number.

We use published specifications from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manual to design and develop calibration templates. These templates are "standard" with no measurement uncertainty calculations associated with them.

We made it so easy and simple, many of the laboratory around the globe use them to standardize the process and very cost effective ($1.00/each). Now you as a laboratory do not have to wait and rely on your technical team to search for the manual, read through it and come up with test points to be used in the calibration process, plus calculate the controls limits, program you excel to show pass/fail criteria.

To develop a standard template your team needs an average of 30 minutes to an hour. In other words, an estimated cost associated with time spent will be between ($15.00 to $30.00)/hour.

Our calibration templates have following features:

  • Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Color coded on failed points
  • Notification on data entry error
  • As Found and As Left
  • Our technical team have validated these templates prior to its release.
  • Meets OEM specifications

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